DWC UHT Thermal Processing Calculator


DWC FoodTech are pleased to announce the launch of our latest software packaged, the UHT Thermal Processing Calculator. 

DWC UHT Thermal Processing Calculator is a tool that assists in the calculations underpinning UHT processing, however is also applicable for all continuous thermal processing systems, such as those used for pasteurisation.

The software is designed to:

  • Assist with the development and verification of processing parameters that will deliver the desired food safety objectives and quality attributes,
  • verify the design and performance of new and existing UHT plants,
  • to assist with development of alternate processing conditions,
  • to assess the effect of formulation changes,
  • to evaluate the impact of non-scheduled processes or process deviations on process adequacy.

All information and calculations from the software can be generated into a detailed report, which can be used for food safety plans, process filing or customer/regulatory audits.


AU$450 + GST per license (single install) per year

Payment accepted via credit card or EFT transfer
Multiple installs available per license
Price includes automatic updates

Price includes support
Discounts available for multiple licenses/installs

Demonstration Videos

It is highly recommended that those who use thermal processing calculation software complete training that covers the mathematical calculations underpinning UHT processing and continuous thermal processing.
See the Advanced UHT Advanced Course for UHT Processing and Aseptic Packaging