DWC Overpressure Model


Retort pouches, and semi-rigid plastic bowls and cups are gaining in popularity, however a potential pitfall with these new packaging formats is their vulnerability to seal failure during retorting when retort overpressure programs are not appropriately tuned to suit the filling and sealing conditions and the temperatures of processing.

To counteract these dangers DWC FoodTech has developed the DWC Overpressure Model, a method for predicting the internal pressure buildup within various packaging systems during the retorting process. Using real-time data the required retort overpressure schedule can be accurately modeled and calculated. This allows us to dramatically reduce the time required to develop and fine tune retort schedules and it reduces the probability of compromising hermetic seals and therefore reduces the risk of post-process leaker contamination…the often overlooked cause of food spoilage.

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