DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Manual

Temperature Min Max Table:

The Temp Min Max Table assists in determination of venting schedules and come-up times, i.e. the elapsed time to a desired/ scheduled temperature(s) from temperature distribution trial data.

DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional collates the temperatures of each probe at each data point and lists the temperatures for the probes that are displaying the minimum and maximum values.

An example table can be seen below:

The Temp Min Max Table data displaying the minimum and maximum temperature probe at each data interval (30 seconds) identifying the probe number, its location and its difference (delta) from the scheduled hold temperature. In instances whereby more than one probe is displaying the same minimum or maximum temperatures at the one data point, each probe and its position will be displayed.

In the event that the time/temperature data for one probe showed errors, the probe can be omitted from the data-set by clicking Select Ignored Probes.

In addition, any probes measuring reference temperatures, i.e. MIG or weir temperatures, should also be ignored as illustrated below whereby probes 31 and 32 are omitted as they are measuring the retort reference temperatures (i.e. probe 31 – RTD, probe 32 – MIG of the retort).

To omit a probe from the Temp Min Max Table, select the probe, click on the right arrow (-->) then click OK.

For further assistance, click here for a support video.