DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Manual


Raw Data Setup:

Prior to raw data being imported into DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional, it needs to be in an acceptable format such as an Excel, TAB or DAT file.

To ensure a successful importation process, it is recommended to consider the following:

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Grouping of Individual Probes According to Their Data Type:

Grouping the product probes data and retort probes data together aids cohesion when displayed in DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional.

In the event that the data-set has columns for Fo values, these can remain in the data set as DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional can import the data-set and ignore the columns displaying Fo values.


Elimination of Extra Text or Data:

Any additional text present (excluding probe labels) at the top of the data file needs to be deleted so that the data-set commences in row 2 directly below the probe labels.

Data at the beginning of the data file that is not part of the data-set needs to be trimmed so that the first data recording is coinciding with the commencement (time zero) of the thermal process trial.


Uniformity of Data:

It is important that all data columns are lined up to the correct start time and/or scan that it was recorded at. In the event that some probes have additional final data records than others, these will need to be trimmed to ensure that all columns of data finish at the same recorded time.

In the event that the raw data has a time/scan column, if an error occurred during collection of data and the time/scan column does not flow sequentially (i.e. the ‘time/scan’ column is not sequentially numbered), this will in turn cause errors during the importing process. In the event that there is a break in the sequential numbering in the ‘scan’ column, an error message “Data start row will be reset due to reading number resetting. New start row is highlighted” will be displayed and all data above this point will be disregarded.


Probe Labels and File Name:

It is important to setup the probe data labels as it is desired to be displayed in DWC Thermal Analyser – Professional; ensuring headings for all probes are labelled correctly. Also it is important to save the data file under an appropriate name, as this file name will be referred to in DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional.