DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Manual

Log Graph:

The Log Graph page provides the semi-log plot, and the fh and j values for each probe.

Pictured below is a semi-log heating curve generated by DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional for the slowest heating probe, Probe 7. In this example the fh value is 27.1 (27.13) min and the j value 1.5 (1.51). DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional has the option to manually select other start and end times for which the semi-log linear period is drawn and the corresponding fh and j values are calculated.

To change the set points on the semi-log graph, select Set Linear Period.

To set the Linear Period, select the correct probe number and enter in new Start and End values (minutes). In this example the selected period is between 20 (min.) and 62 (min.)

Alternatively, the Linear Period can be altered in the Mathematical Methods Details.

For further assistance, click here for a support video.