DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Manual

Version 1.0



DWC Thermal Analyser – Professional is a software package that has been developed specifically for the thermal processing sector. The software, which is suitable for use across a wide range of heat-processed packaged foods and beverages, incorporates user-friendly features that transform complex data into easy to interpret tables and graphs for reporting and process filing. DWC Thermal Analyser – Professional has been purchased by food manufacturers and research establishments throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. We have used the system in temperature distribution analysis and process filing applications in Australia, New Zealand, United States, China, Asia and the Middle East.

DWC Thermal Analyser – Professional enables evaluation and validation of process adequacy for shelf-stable, refrigerator stable low acid and pasteurised acid foods. The software has a powerful “predictive capacity” that enables the heating parameters, essential for process prediction, to be fine-tuned to suit

  • The retorts in which they are produced,
  • The product’s heating characteristics,
  • Descriptions of the packaging format, and
  • The mode of retort operation.

This enables determination of process adequacy in scheduled thermal processes, alternate scheduled thermal processes and/or non-scheduled processes.
This manual explains the operations of DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional, allowing for basic troubleshooting. In the event that further assistance is required, please do not hesitate to contact DWC Foodtech Pty. Ltd at info@dwcfoodtech.com.au.


Main Menu:

Raw Data Setup
Importing Raw Data Files
Main Form (Modeling Data)
Summary Table
Temperature Graph
Log Graph
Data Block
Temp Min-Max Table
Temp Min-Max Graph

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)