DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Manual

Data Block:

DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional stores the original time temperature data in the Data Block. Changes can be made including applying offsets to the original data.

Using DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional Data Block to apply offsets to retort probes.

  1. Click Temperature Offset, a dialogue box with pop-up.

  2. Type in the probe number to be offset and its offset value, click Apply and Close.

  3. The temperature offset will now be applied to the required probe. In order to update this change throughout DWC Thermal Analyser - Professional, click Copy to Main Data Sheet. This may take 5 – 10 seconds.

  4. Temperature offsets can be removed by cancelling out the offset applied to the probe. i.e. if the probe has an offset of - 0.2 applied, by applying another offset of (+) 0.2 to the same probe will reduce the offset back to zero. Alternatively, if all changes to the Data Block are to be undone, click Reset Data Block.

For further assistance, click here for a support video.