DWC FoodTech delivers the Approved Person Course for Thermal Processing of Low-Acid Foods in partnership with CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences. In addition, DWC FoodTech’s Retort Supervisors Certification Course also is frequently held at CSIRO’s Werribee site.

In anticipation of the predicted expansion of the chilled food sector in general, and the benefits of microwave processing in particular, DWC FoodTech and MicVac, a leading European supplier of microwave processing tunnels, have established a co-operation agreement to explore options for, and support the growth of, microwave processing in the Australasian region. DWC FoodTech’s expertise coupled with MicVac’s patented technology will enhance opportunities to develop, implement and audit commercial microwave processes to ensure that they are safe, consistent with GMP and maximise quality, energy and production efficiencies. For further information about MicVac and their microwave technology go to the MicVac website at www.micvac.com.

As Australasia’s preeminent Processing Authority and provider of thermal processing data collection and related analytical services, DWC FoodTech works closely with Pixeltec and Ellab Validation Solutions in order to utilise the best equipment and tools for conducting temperature distribution, heat distribution and heat penetration trials and more.

For more information on Ellab’s extensive range of equipment, contact enquiries@pixeltec.com.au or visit Ellab at www.ellab.com.