DWC FoodTech are Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading thermal processing (Process Authority) consultancy for food and beverages.

With offices located in Melbourne and Auckland, DWC FoodTech provide services globally to the national and international food, beverage and packaging industries and Government regulators with specialist R&D skills, technical expertise and training for manufacture and packaging of shelf-stable and refrigerated heat-processed foods.

DWC FoodTech have provided specialist professional services to the food manufacturing sector for over 40 years across 25 countries. Our staff are qualified in Food Technology, Food Microbiology, Food Process Engineering, Management and Business which enables us to develop, implement, validate, verify and audit commercial thermal processes to ensure that they are consistent with GMP and maximise quality, energy and production efficiencies.

Process Authority


As a Process Authority, DWC FoodTech provides a tailored service for manufacturers of heat processed packaged foods and acts on their behalf submitting process filing applications and providing advice on industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

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